Whole Sawmill

  1. Log loading deck heavy duty = Ingvar Persson
  2. Stepfeeder 2pcs = Ingvar Persson
  3. Small Timber deck Hedlunds +1 step feeder Hedlunds
  4. Debarking machine VK 550=Valonkone Finland
  5. Conveyor after dearking Machine =Ingvar Persson
  6. Conveyor before the first saw
  7. Positioning conveyor KSI 5B=(Ari)
  8. Roller conveyors.
  9. Chipcanters saws SKR 600 + BKR 600 =(Ari)
  10. Double circular saw KS 122-124 =(Ari)
  11. Multirip saw DS 509 (Ari) production year 2015
  12. Edger line =(Catech)
  13. Buffering dack-conveyor =(Hall)
  14. Drum chipper Bruks 820cm
  15. 3D scanner for logs
  16. Operation control system on Timber intake S5 Siemens
  17. Automatic sawing control system for Sawing line is based S7 Rema Sawco

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