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Who We Are

In short

  • We are specialized within the sawmill equipment business.
  • We’ll help you find the optimal solutions for your specific timber type.
  • We know how to match machines together to maximize production volume, ensure quality, and provide continuous trouble-free operation.

Why rebuilt equpment?

not counting cost, time and financial effort, new equipment may be the best way to achieve smooth operation in the long run. But...

Rebuilt, used sawmill machinery offers a sensible and economic alternative to new machines and new whole sawmill lines. 
Counting the initial cost of investment in new machines, profitability is low. 
But by choosing good quality second hand machinery, it is possible to attain improved productivity, whilst still maintaining a lean budget.

Core competencies

We are prepared with our own standard solutions to the intricacies of attaining competent workforce and manage the logistics of dismantling, packaging, shipping, transport and rebuilding.

When the right combination of brand new, and good second hand machines is put together, it has often proven itself to be a great solution. 

With more than 25 years of experience, we know how to run machinery relocation projects, and are able to give you the whole package from dismantling to startup.

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