Renholmen Green Sorting Line

Renholmen Green Sorting Line with 36 Bins

1) Conveyor from saw-lines “Kick off” for central-boards
2) Chain conveyer for central-boards (Buffer zoon)
3) Unscramble conveyor for central-boards
4) Accumulating conveyor with dogs.
5) Piece by piece feeder.
6) Conveyor for transporting sideboards from edger “Kick off”
7) Roller conveyer for aligning top end of central-boards and
8) Grading station and piece by piece feeder. For manual quality
grading and deciding offcuts
9) Top end trimming station for manual decision off top trim
10) Conveyor up to top of sorting line
11) Hook conveyer chain with steel hooks for 36 bins
12) 28 pushers for pushing down to right bin.
13) 28 pieces of hydraulic type bins for boards
14) Bottom chain conveyer for transport of sorted sizes in full pack to the
sticker plant.
15) Cleaning scrape for cleaning bottom floor.
16) Chain conveyer for transport of sorted sizes in full pack
17) Chain conveyer for transport of sorted sizes in full pack
18) 2 Pc. Unscrambles aligning pieces before sticking plant
19) Accumulation chain conveyor
20) Piece by piece feeder (manual controlled)
21) Roller even ending conveyer for boards.
22) Stacker for board stacking process. W=1,6m H=1,6 m L=6,0 m
23) Automatic infeed system for sticks in size 25×50 mm lengths of 1.6 m.
24) 2 Pcs. Unscramble for sticks
25) Piece by piece feeding of sticks
26) Automatic stick layer system of stick placers.
27) Out feeding conveyers for full stacked pack.
28) Out feed conveyer for further forklift handling
29) Mobile equipment to fill cassettes of over layer
30) Security fences and locking doors. 

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